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My old laptop crashed due to some software malfunction (I think). Should have expected it with the number of times the blue screen of death appeared. Thank god I managed to safe my harddrive with the help of my cousin, otherwise all my important documents would be gone by now! :O Videos, muses, fiction, school work all gone...just thinking about it sends chills down my spine. Anyway, I've yet to figure out how to download the language bar thingy on my new laptop, thus explaining the romanji title. *sigh... 

This post is pretty much redundant. So....thing is, I tend to go on a long haitus for JE boys, along with this lj (especially since I hardly have the time to write fictions anymore), and return after roughly half a year with a whole bunch of lovely JE stuff accumulated for me to catch up with. And just yesterday, I suddenly realised, with all these long haitus/breaks/or whatever you call it, I have yet to get my hands on the Arashi 5x10 anniversary tour. And horrifically, it daunted on me that Arashi celebrated their 10th year 3 bl**dy years ago!! O.O

I'm such a failure of a fan. I can't believe that so many years have passed and I've yet to get my hands on the tour. The 10TH YEAR TOUR...*smashes head on the wall repeatedly...

So before I passed out with severe concussion, I finally did it. *drumrolls~~ I bought the DVD!! *WoooH Took me a while of contemplation, but I eventually decided to get the jap. version, just because it's more 'original'. (yes I have issues, I've been told) The deciding factor mainly lies in the fact that I've NEVER, (and I can't emphasize on this more), NEVER FREAKIN EVER been to an Arashi concert before....*I swear I'll definitely go someday somehow... Anyway, I bought the DVD to 1: drool at the beloved boys, 2: awe and their awesomeness, 3: make up for the fact that I've never been to a single concert, and 4: as minute as it may be, I do actually hope that I did contribute to their income a little. I haven't receive the DVD yet, but according to my calculations, it would arrive approximately 1 month from now..O.o yes....hopefully it won't be exams then, and I'll still be able to watch it once I get my hands on it.

So while I wait for its' arrival, I shall catch up with some varieties and maybe grow a mushroom or two on my head. 


Twit twit~ Ending of fandom

 It's been close to a year and a half since I last posted a fic...As mentioned before, I've been running low on inspiration. 

SO, I was clearing my laptop and looking through the old fictions I've written and found a half finished one (well, I found more than 1 half finished, but this one was closer to being complete).

And I did it.

I finished it. As half-assed as it is, I still completed it. In fact, I'm quite pleased with it, given the state of mind I'm in now. 

This shall be the last fic of my ya-ya-Yah fandom, or rather ya-ya-Yah related fandom that is. I feel bad that it ends without even a single mention of my favorite pairing, but this will have to do. More importantly, with my long hiatus and lack of posting this, on the JE fanfic network (whatever you call it) , decided to just post it up since I found the website on my friends page. Either way, I still have my doubts that this fic will be seen/noticed by anyone out there. So, rather than a closing for my readers (as little as they are), it's more of a closing for me. 
PS: perhaps if I do get any form of response, though highly doubt it, I'll write a final fic for ya-ya-Yah to end it all. :)
So here goes..~

Title: お誕生日おめでとう オニさま (Happy birthday, onii-sama)
Pairing: Inoo/Kohei(matsumoto)
Genre: Friendship
Summary: As mentioned, it's an incomplete old fic. This was suppose to take place in the year, JUMP debuted close to Matsumoto Kohei's birthday. For those who don't know who matsumoto kohei is: he was the first generation member of J.J Express (correct me if I'm wrong) and was considered a partner of Inoo's. They once did a skit in the ya-ya-Yah show, called the puripuripretty brothers. Inoo referred to him as "onii-sama(big brother)" during the skit.
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 1year...2years...3 perhaps? 

I've lost count. When was the last time Taiyo appeared...ANYWHERE?? Anyone remembers??...

ANYWAY, that doesn't really matter now.

'Why?' you may ask.

Well, let me enlighten you then.

Jump around, scream about, hug your friends, kiss the ground, cause Taiyo's back in town!~~
Okay, let's calm down a little. Firstly, it's nice seeing Taiyo again. I won't say his acting got better, but...let's just say, practice makes perfect. Give him more and he shall improve. :3 Also, I'm not too sure if one would consider the appearance in Kinpachi a...well...an appearance. He basically stood up, said 'hai' (throw in a few random scenes from the old series) and sat down. -_-''
Wellll..it's a start I guess. Apparently he has this upcoming drama thing, read the synopsis, not impressed. Perhaps I'll just catch episodes with him in them.
Enough said. Back to studies.
Welcome back Taiyo :D 
Uni's been so busy. :(
Haven't been in touch with this world for quite a while now. :(

Hmm,...guess there really isn't anyone out there who doesn't know about the state of Japan. Let's all continue praying for them.

祈り~祈り~ m-_-m

It's amazing how they're able to continue with their lives so naturally despite what happened.

That's courage.

あたしもう、頑張れなきゃ!!ほおお。。 'o'y